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New Walk along the Lilies

Thanks to the design of Jen Sieradzki, horticulturist for the PGT, a new path is in the works at the Lotus Pond area. Plants will be added in September, but last week big progress was made when David Perrey came … Continue reading

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Thanks to Monsanto for Roundup

Any gardener knows that weeding is key to creating a great garden, just as any journalist knows editing is critical to a good story. At the Prairie Garden Trust, we’re in the whacking, weeding, editing phase of landscape care. Thanks … Continue reading

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Quick Landscaping the Tree Shear Way

Several years ago I heard a story on NPR about videos for young kids showing earth-moving equipment. It was the current spin on a story Captain Kangaroo read in the 1950s about Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel…big machines doing … Continue reading

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Big Change for the Woods

Henry stands in the newly created open area at the edge between prairie and woods. It’s amazing how “sculpting” away some trees expands the views. Looking past Henry in the photo, you can see some of the remaining woods that … Continue reading

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Smoothing Ground the Cedar Way

The speed of creating an opening and sculpting the edge between the woods and prairie was amazing! In just a few days, David Perrey removed trees and placed them for Bill Wilson to trim and haul away. A few scattered … Continue reading

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Sculpting a New Woods Edge

I’ve always appreciated the art of sculpture, but it’s usually creating a thing of appealing form that stands by itself. This past weekend, David Perrey used a highlift (which is like a bulldozer but can raise its front end up … Continue reading

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New Native Plants in Special Places

A few months ago, Henry, Matt Barnes (our groundskeeper) and I drove around with Merv Wallace (owner of Missouri Wildlflowers Nursery) to identify some spots that could use an extra burst of native flowers. Merv delivered the plants last week … Continue reading

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Swamp Loosestrife – Too much of a good thing?

The shrubby “walls” created by old fences aren’t the only kind of walls we need to keep cutting through. Swamp loosestrife has a beautiful flower. However, at the edge of our ponds it’s forming a shrubby wall that blocks the … Continue reading

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Don’t Fence Us In

Creating a gracefully curving, “natural” looking landscape takes some heavy-duty whacking of trees. Yesterday Henry and I walked around the south prairie area (called Tallgrass prairie and Dropseed areas on our website tour map area), to figure out which trees … Continue reading

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