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Lotus Pod

All parts of the American Lotus are interesting to explore photographically. Everything from the leaves to the flowers and even the seed pods. I just stumbled across this picture from 12-years ago and decided to work it up.

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Wild Plum

I found this plum blooming on April 29th. It’s in a thicket that is in a fence row near our barn. Working up pictures like this has me excited about Spring. Just a few months away!

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Osage Orange

On a walk at the PGT this time of year you might come across some lime-colored softball sized fruits. They come from the Osage Orange tree. The fruits are heavy and solid and tend to last all winter until the … Continue reading

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Smooth Sumac

Fall is changing the PGT landscape from green to golden-brown. We are just starting to see patches of red and orange. Sumacs are always great for saturated reds. They are just starting to turn this week. This one is called … Continue reading

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Early Fall Color

I’m starting to see hints of Fall color in the woods at the Prairie Garden Trust now. I photographed these dogwood leaves in the South Forty woods this morning. In two or three weeks the colors should be peak. It … Continue reading

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Goldenrod Prairie

Goldenrod is at peak bloom now at the Prairie Garden Trust. People mistakenly believe that goldenrod causes fall allergies. Ragweed is a more likely source for the problem. Ragweed has green flowers that are easy to overlook. Goldenrod has very … Continue reading

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Indian Grass

The grasses in the prairie are especially showy right now. With all the rain we’ve had this year they seem taller than normal. The problem is that they flop into the walking paths. If you are walking early in the … Continue reading

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Lichen Bluff

Visitors to the Prairie Garden Trust are always surprised to see rocky bluffs and steep hillsides. We call this Lichen Bluff because is is covered with some fabulous lichen. In the background is Hillers Creek valley. I took this picture … Continue reading

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Purple Coneflower

When I think “Prairie” I see Purple Coneflowers. They can be found in small clumps in many locations here at the PGT. Often I find them at the edges of the prairie where there are a few trees.

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Early Summer Prairie

After a brief storm this evening the skies cleared and light flooded the prairie. This is the “5-Acre Prairie” just east of the Prairie Garden Trust Visitor Center. If you look closely you will see Lead Plant, Mountain Mint, Grey-headed … Continue reading

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