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New Birds!

We saw 5 new birds on our walk this morning: Summer Tanager Worm-eating Warbler Henslow’s Sparrow Yellow-breasted Chat Yellow-throated Warbler On the 4-mile hike we were impressed that the oak buds have opened giving a green-haze appearance to the woods. … Continue reading

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Spring Planting

We got a bunch of new native plants from Merv Wallace at Missouri Wildflowers Nursery yesterday. Neil and Matt are going to plant these wildflowers and grasses around the PGT Center and along the sidewalks. We’ve been getting plants from … Continue reading

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Bluebells Along Spring Streams

Bluebells bloom today along the stream flowing with recent rains. It’s so welcome to see their color against the fresh April green suddenly emerging everywhere.

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Spring Wildflowers

We found Bird’s-foot violets blooming along the ridge trail above Hillers Creek this morning. Many other kinds of wildflowers can be found in the woods now. Once the trees leaf out in early May the place to find wildflowers shifts … Continue reading

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No Fruits and Nuts

Wild fruits and nuts are hard to find at the PGT this Fall. Could hail cause a widespread crop failure? Some of the missing wildlife foods are: Wild Persimmon (shown in the picture) Acorns (several species) Hickory Nuts Walnuts Osage … Continue reading

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Monarchs on PGT Asters

Monarch butterflies paused on their flight south for a nectar break on our fall-blooming asters. The purple New England Aster stands out in the patches of prairie plants this time of year. But the white upland asters make a great … Continue reading

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Sedge Wren

I was surprised to come across a Sedge Wren today as I was walking the prairie to check on the Oaks we’ve planted. Finding Sedge Wrens is hit-and-miss here. Unlike any other bird I know of they are most abundant … Continue reading

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Wild Black Raspberries…for the birds?

How do you know when the wild black raspberries are ripe? A short walk at the PGT makes it obvious. I’m not sure which bird(s) perched here, but clearly we’re not the only ones who think the new benches are … Continue reading

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Enjoying Spring!

It’s been a lot of fun having Kevin Sink visit the past few days. The weather has been perfect so we’re spending several hours outside every day. Here he is taking a Flowering Dogwood picture at Lichen Bluff.

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Lotus Pod

All parts of the American Lotus are interesting to explore photographically. Everything from the leaves to the flowers and even the seed pods. I just stumbled across this picture from 12-years ago and decided to work it up.

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