More Invasive Exotics

Bush Honeysuckle

Despite years of working hard to find and destroy invasive exotic plants at the PGT, their variety and numbers are increasing.

An ideal time to find exotics is now; before native plants green up. For the past month I’ve been spending 2-3 hours every day hiking over our 600-acres looking for these intrusive plants.

It’s clear that the influx of invasive exotics is increasing.

Here is a list of some of the species we killed today:
1. Bush Honeysuckle – rapidly increasing
2. Autumn Olive
3. Multiflora Rose
4. Callery Pear
5. Japanese Honeysuckle vine
6. Wintercreeper vine
7. Privet

The PGT spends about $40,000/year to control invasive exotics. It looks like we will have to increase our spending if we are going to keep up.

The attached picture is a Bush Honeysuckle. They have me more concerned than anything else.

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