Exponential Growth of Bush Honeysuckle

Bush Honeysuckle
This week I’ve come to understand how wildly invasive Bush Honeysuckle is. 5-year ago we found the first Bush Honeysuckle at the PGT and immediately killed it. Because many nature areas and suburban wood lots are filled with this exotic shrub we’ve been on alert and have maintained an attitude of “search-and-destroy”. Despite being aggressive about control it can now be found on many parts of the PGT. I’ve found hundreds of plants this week. The growth is exponential. Will we be able to stop it?

Attached is a picture of the first Bush Honeysuckle that I found 5-years ago. The berries are very attractive and birds like to eat them. Apparently birds are the main way that the seeds are spread.

Click here to see good information on controlling this plant.

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