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Drone Photography – Whoops!

Jack Dodson was trying out his DJI Phantom drone along Hillers Creek this morning. For reasons that are not clear it kept drifting to one side. To see the short video, click on the link above. I won’t spoil the … Continue reading

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Leaves are Out

Red Oak, Quercus rubra With Spring ready to change over to summer the leaves on the trees are finally fully out. Here you can see the leaves on a red oak that I photographed this morning over West Lake.

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Frog Pond

We have a handful of very tiny ponds at the PGT. We call them frog ponds because they are perfect sites for amphibians. They fill up after it rains and empty out during dry spells. This morning at sunrise I … Continue reading

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Kill the Snake?

Black Rat Snake, Pantherophis obsoleteus While we were eating our picnic lunch today I heard some birds making a ruckus nearby. Songbirds chattering incessantly suggests danger. On inspection I found a black rat snake hanging out of one of our … Continue reading

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PGT Visitors on Magnificent Days

The past two days brought the most perfect, sunny, comfortable weather I’ve ever seen for a Missouri June. So we were incredibly fortunate to also have three groups visiting the PGT then. On Friday June 7, the Runge CAMP F.I.R.E. … Continue reading

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Where have all the butterflies gone?

Silvery Checkerspot, Chlosyne nycteis We are having a fabulous spring with flowers everywhere. Despite that I’ve sensed a significant reduction in the number of butterflies. I’ve only seen three Great Spangled Fritillaries all spring and just an occasional swallowtail butterfly. … Continue reading

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Fish Fry at the PGT

Lorna welcomed about 50 retirees from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to the PGT for a fish fry today. Lorna worked at MDC for almost thirty years before she switched jobs to become the director of the PGT.

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Hillers Creek Reflections

Just before sunset I took a walk along Hillers Creek. The treetops arching over the water were brightly lit. The colors in those leaves were reflected in the water.

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Spring Wildflower Walk

George demonstrating that the leaves of Sensitive Briar close if you touch them. George Yatskievych told us many wonderful plant stories on the PGT Spring Wildflower Walk today. Everyone was entertained and educated. For awhile it looked like walk might … Continue reading

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