Looking Good Despite the Drought

Helianthus mollis
Ashy Sunflower, (Helianthus mollis)

Some plants look great despite almost no rain all summer. The Compass Plants have had one of their best years ever. Right now the Ashy Sunflower in the Middle Prairie is looking good. I took this picture just after sunrise this morning.

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One Response to Looking Good Despite the Drought

  1. I have also noticed this. In our yard, some of the healthiest looking plants are the pokeweeds, still flowering and producing berries like crazy and the making some birds very happy. This plant has a large tuber, so maybe it’s just a good water storer. Out at Rock Bridge the other day, I also noticed that the Ashy Sunflower seemed to be doing pretty well.

    Even so, that particular hike was an eerie experience. Almost no sounds of insects or birds. Nothing much happening that was obvious.

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