Lotus Peak

American Lotus
American lotus, (Nelumbo lutea)

American Lotus is in peak bloom at the PGT right now. There were hundreds of flowers blooming this morning.
The intense summer heat and dry weather is not bothering them. They have their feet wet in the “swamp” so they don’t mind the lack of rain.
The other plants on the property are showing stress. As a result I suspect we won’t see as many butterflies as usual on the butterfly walk this Saturday.

It should still be a nice walk. Please join us. It starts at 10 AM at the visitor center and should end before lunch.

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  1. Nadia and I are seeing very few butterflies this year in our yard. In fact, our buttonbush has already bloomed and, while last year it was buried in swallowtails, this year we have hardly seen any butterflies at all on it. Monarchs seem to be non-existent, despite our many milkweeds Various skippers seem to be doing well, as well as a certain type of bumblebee, which I see everywhere. Honeybees, not so much. It may be that the earlier blooming of many of our plants has thrown them out of synch with the life cycles of many insects, especially lepidoptera. Very odd year. Many of our natives are really showing stress.

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