Hottest Walk

Great Spangled Fritillary, (Speyeria cybele)

Despite the intense heat and drought we had a dozen people today for the butterfly walk. Fewer flowers meant that we saw only a handful up butterflies. The heat was already up to 100-degrees when we finished at 11:30 but everyone was smiling. The air conditioning at the PGT visitor center really felt good as people stopped for a drink of cold water on the way out.

We only saw two Great Spangled Fritillaries. They are one of our most common butterflies.

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  1. Lorna Domke says:

    The actual numbers of butterflies was way down. I counted less than 10 individuals on the entire walk, though the group likely saw a few more. Here are butterflies we identified: Dusky Skipper, Viceroy, some type of Hairstreak, Question Mark, Great Spangled Fritillary, Tiger Swallowtail. There were more dragonflies and damselflies but still fewer than usual. Two that we saw: Common Whitetail and Widow Skimmer. Birds were more plentiful, with a wood duck duckling noted in the waterlily pond near the lotus pond, a scarlet tanager near the lotus pond, parula warbler, eastern phoebe, blue gray gnatcatcher, vulture, nuthatch, field sparrow, bluebird, and a green heron (also by the lotus pond).

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