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Bumblebee on Buttonbush

Bumblebee feeding on Buttonbush Buttonbush is a wonderful flowering shrub that is great for attracting butterflies. It also attracts different kinds of bees. Today I photographed this bumblebee foraging for breakfast. Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis )likes to be near water. The … Continue reading

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Lorna putting out flags along the main trail at the PGT To help you find your way around, Lorna and I put out yellow marking flags along the main trail today. The yellow flags take you from the PGT Center … Continue reading

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Seeking Horticulturist for the PGT

We’re eager to fill a new position for a horticulturist at the Prairie Garden Trust. Here’s the job announcement if you’re interested or know of someone who might be: Horticulturist Prairie Garden Trust New Bloomfield, MO Salary: Approx. $36,000/year Benefits: … Continue reading

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Pokeweed Colors Unreal

Pokeweed, (Phytolacca americana) The colors of pokeweed never seem quite real to me; they seem over-saturated. The hot magenta stems with the vivid green fruits might be described as psychedelic. Pokeweed is common at the PGT. I took this picture … Continue reading

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Keep Chicory?

Chicory, (Cichorium intybus) I found a small patch of Chicory blooming at the PGT today and I’m trying to decide if I should kill it. The plant is native to Europe but can now be found over all of North … Continue reading

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Hottest Walk

Great Spangled Fritillary, (Speyeria cybele) Despite the intense heat and drought we had a dozen people today for the butterfly walk. Fewer flowers meant that we saw only a handful up butterflies. The heat was already up to 100-degrees when … Continue reading

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Heat Stress

Sassafras, Sassafras albidum The intense heat and drought is having an impact. Many of the plants are going dormant but some are dying. Here is a picture I took this morning of a Sassafras tree showing signs of fall color … Continue reading

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Lotus Peak

American lotus, (Nelumbo lutea) American Lotus is in peak bloom at the PGT right now. There were hundreds of flowers blooming this morning. The intense summer heat and dry weather is not bothering them. They have their feet wet in … Continue reading

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