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Cedar Christmas Tree

Eastern Red-cedar, (Juniperus virginiana) Cedars make great Christmas trees. They look good and they smell good. Every year we harvest one from the PGT. The biggest problem I’ve had with them is that they look a lot smaller in field … Continue reading

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Dogwood in Snow

Flowering Dogwood, (Cornus florida) The PGT does not get much snow, so when it happens I rush out to take advantage of the way it simplifies the landscape. This dogwood picture was taken late last winters, just before buds started … Continue reading

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Joan had a stroke

Joan had a mild stroke last night. It has affected the left side of her body. We are trying to arrange for 24-hour to keep her at home since that is her wish. Joan has lived on the PGT property … Continue reading

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Prairie Blazing Star

Prairie Blazing Star, (Liatris pycnostachya) Prairie blazing star is an ornamental native prairie plant that is showy in many seasons. The dried stems create attractive textures and patterns.

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Wood Duck Houses

Wood Duck house at West Lake. Wood Duck House The large wooden boxes on poles in the water at the Lotus Ponds and at West Lake were put in to attract Wood Ducks; they use them for nesting. They have … Continue reading

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Lotus Stems

American Lotus, (Nelumbo lutea) American Lotus is my favorite wildflower. The plant is at it’s best in full-blossom mid-summer, but the stems can are also appealing in the winter landscape.

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Ordering Wildflowers

Virginia bluebells, (Mertensia virginica) A wonderful winter task is thumbing thought wildflower catalogs to decide what to plant next year. We are thinking of adding a mix of wildflowers to the steep slopes below The Point. Intensive grazing by goats … Continue reading

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Eastern Valley Creek

Eastern Valley Creek Hillers Creek is the most dramatic body of water at the PGT. But there are other creeks worth exploring. The Eastern Valley Creek is a quiet, rock-bottomed intermittent stream. It is a good place to find Water … Continue reading

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Beaver Damage

River Birch (Betula nigra) Beavers and muskrats routinely get into our ponds and lakes and eat things we don’t want them too. Here you can see a stand of beautiful River Birch by the viewing platform at the Lotus Ponds. … Continue reading

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PGT Waterfall

Icicles in the PGT Waterfall Waterfalls are more common further south of us, especially as you get into Arkansas. But we do have one small waterfall on the southern end of the PGT. It is easiest to see in Winter … Continue reading

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