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Indian Rock Shelters

The upper and lower rock shelters at The Point marked in purple I enjoy thinking about what this land was like in the past. If you go back 1,500 to 2,000 years ago there were Woodland Indians here. They used … Continue reading

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Mapping Exotics

Red shows area with Chinese Lespediza (Lespedeza cuneata) at the PGT Since our goal is to be a native plant garden it is important to keep out invasive species. Matt and Duncan spent a couple of months this year looking … Continue reading

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American Holly

American Holly, (Ilex opaca) American Holly is my favorite native shrub during the Winter. We only have a few at the PGT now, but we plan to add more.

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Blue Jay

Blue Jay, (Cyanocitta cristata) One of my goals this winter is to get better Blue Jay photographs. Blue Jays are very hard to approach; they fly away as soon as they see me. The last photograph I took of them … Continue reading

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Black-capped Chickadee

Black-capped Chickadee, (Poecile atricapillus) I photographed this Chickadee in a cedar tree here at the PGT. They are one of our most common birds year round.

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Beak Grass

Beak Grass, (Diarrhena obovata) Beak Grass should be used more in native gardens. It is an attractive native grass that is well behaved and has a very attractive shape. In the picture above you can see a big patch along … Continue reading

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Moss Gardens

Large Moss-covered Rocks along Hillers Creek Adding a moss garden is one of the ideas we are considering for the PGT. We’ve seen excellent examples of moss gardens at two of our favorite gardens: Bloedel Reserve and Mt. Cuba. Fortunately … Continue reading

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Rib Cave

Steve Mays approaches the Rib Cave There is a lot of exposed rock at the PGT, especially along the Hillers Creek Valley. The rock has a variety of openings, including this unusual one that we call the “Rib Cave” because … Continue reading

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Laying out new trails

Possible New Trails at the PGT Where exactly to put the main loop trail was an important part of what Cindy Tyler explored over the last three days. She also taught us about the different kinds of trail surfaces. In … Continue reading

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Focus Group helps guide PGT

Cindy Tyler (right) leads the PGT Focus Group Six people came out to the PGT yesterday for an all-afternnoon session to discuss the future of the PGT. Cindy Tyler introduced some of the proposed changes from the draft Master PLan … Continue reading

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