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Common Checkered Skipper

Common Checkered Skipper, (Pyrgus communis) on Sky Blue Aster (Aster oolentangiensis) There won’t be many days left this year to photograph butterflies because we are at the end of the growing season. Walking the prairies at the PGT today the … Continue reading

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American Bittersweet, (Celastrus scandens) The fruits of Bittersweet are another source of fall color. I found this cluster in a wild plum tree on the trail to The Savanna. The fruits capsules have not popped open yet. The native bittersweet … Continue reading

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Leaf Fall

Oak leaves carpet the ground at the PGT Today the air was full of falling leaves. This is too early for leaf fall! There should have been peak fall color this weekend. Instead a combination of high winds and drought … Continue reading

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Fall Prairie Color

Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans) and Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii) Fall color is not just trees and shrubs; the grasses can also be wonderful. Here you can see some of the tall grasses in the Dogleg Prairie just south of the … Continue reading

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Walking Fern

Walking Fern, (Asplenium rhizophyllum) One of my favorite ferns at the PGT is the Walking Fern. I found some this morning when I was exploring the Waterfall. The name walking fern comes from the way the fern spreads. When the … Continue reading

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Winged Sumac, Fall Color

Winged Sumac, (Rhus copallina) In the prairie just south of the PGT Visitor Center is a big patch of winged sumac. All of the sumacs have great fall color.

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Fall Color – The Savanna

Woods on the edge of The Savanna The color in the foliage is looking good now. I took this shot just after sunrise as I walked along the rim trail at The Savanna.

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Harvesting Native Plant Seed

Merv Wallace on his combine This weekend Merv Wallace came out to harvest some native plant seed. He used this custom combine to collect the seed from Rattlesnake Master and Sweet Coneflower. Merv owns Missouri Wildflowers Nursery which is where … Continue reading

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Aromatic Sumac, Fall Color

Aromatic Sumac, (Rhus aromatica) Along the trail in The Savanna are some large patches of Aromatic Sumac. It is putting on a great show of color now. This plant is frequently mistaken for poison ivy.

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Dogwood Fall Color

Flowering Dogwood, (Cornus florida) We have hundreds of flowering dogwood trees in the South 40 woods. Walk south past the lotus ponds into the open woods and you will see a great display of color now.

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