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Unusual Fall Color

Swamp Loosestrife, (Decodon verticillatus) Fall color can turn up in unexpected places. Walking around one of the ponds at the PGT tonight I noticed that the color of the Swamp Loosestrife was almost fluorescent. The magenta on the seed pods … Continue reading

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Katy Land Trust

Preston Lacy is the program coordinator for the Katy Land Trust. Preston stopped by today and as we explored the PGT he told me what the Katy Land Trust was all about. Their key goal is to protect the agricultural, … Continue reading

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Coolest Caterpillar

Spicebush Swallowtail (Papilio troilus) on a Spicebush Leaf (Lindera benzoin) Merv Wallace suggested that now might be a good time to look for the spectacular Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar. He’s had luck looking for curled leaves on Spicebush or Sassafras. We … Continue reading

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Falling Acorns

Acorns on the ground As you walk under oak trees at at the PGT you will start to find acorns. As we lay in bed we can hear them falling on our roof. Acorns are one of the most important … Continue reading

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5-acre Prairie after sunset

Lorna and I were out exploring the property and it was so nice out that we stayed till after sunset. This is what we saw when we stopped at a high point on the way home.

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See the PGT on Google Earth

Screen Shot of Google Earth Google Earth is amazing! I tried it recently after George Kopp mentioned it and was amazed at the detailed view if offered. One thing that is important to understand is that Google Earth is not … Continue reading

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Nature Gardens Concept Plan

Click on the image to see an enlarged view This drawing shows some possible changes around the PGT Visitor Center: – Paved parking lot for 20 cars – Expanded Visitor Center – Environmental Prairie Art – Savanna Garden – Woodland … Continue reading

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First Draft Plans for the PGT

Lorna with Cindy Tyler and Alan Rader at the PGT Center Cindy and Alan from Terra Design Studios finished their first week at the PGT today. They started the week by spending a lot of time touring the property, gathering … Continue reading

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River Birch

River Birch, (Betula nigra) As we explored Hillers Creek this glowing backlit River Birch caught my eye. In the shadows behind it is the massive rock face of the north side of The Point.

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Lichens and Mosses

Lichens and Moss off the edge of The Savanna If you explore the steep slopes along Hillers Creek you will find areas that are carpeted with lichens and moss. I like to get down on my hands and knees and … Continue reading

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