Sinquefield’s Private Garden

Sinquefield Reserve
View of the Osage River from the Sinquefield’s house

Lorna and I spent the morning getting a tour of one of the most remarkable private gardens we’ve ever seen. Jeanne Sinquefield drove us around the 1,000 acre estate. Among the many things we saw were a golf course, an arboretum, a Japanese garden, a geodesic dome hothouse and a spectacular lake with a glass-walled contemporary building off to one side.

There are many ideas I got as we looked around but one stood out: consider adding big rocks to the garden landscape. Jeanne showed us hundreds of rocks that have been added.

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One Response to Sinquefield’s Private Garden

  1. Hal says:

    Picture looks lovely. My kind of garden.
    Wouldn’t importing rocks mark a serious departure from the prairie nature of your garden?

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