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American Lotus

American Lotus, (Nelumbo lutea) Yesterday I saw the first American Lotus blossom. We have hundreds of them in the Lotus Ponds which is just a ten-minute walk from the PGT Center. The Lotus is my favorite wildflower because it is … Continue reading

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Mt. Cuba

Woodland Pond at Mt. Cuba I hope we can look like Mt. Cuba some day. They are a “naturalistic garden” which means that not all plants are native, but they look like they are. At the PGT we use only … Continue reading

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Professional Planting Design

Books on native plant gardening tend to focus all of their attention on the individual plants and how to manage the site to get them to live. Little attention is paid to how to arrange the plants to have an … Continue reading

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Chanticleer – a Pleasure Garden

Hydrangeas Public Gardens often focus on education, research and conservation. Occasionally they focus purely on pleasure. One of the gardens we visited while at the APGA conference was Chanticleer. Chanticleer describes itself as a “Pleasure Garden” and it really was. … Continue reading

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Gray-headed Coneflower

Gray-headed Coneflower, (Ratibida pinnata) I took a walk this morning to get reconnected with the land after being gone for a few days. The first thing that caught my eye was the Gray-headed Coneflowers. They are just starting to bloom. … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Skyline

View from my hotel in Philadelphia at 4:15 AM yesterday morning Lorna and I spent most of last week in Philadelphia at a conference on how to run public gardens. It was put on by the American Public Garden Association … Continue reading

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Canada Goose

Canada Goose, (Branta canadensis) A pair of Geese near sunset at the Lotus Ponds. A few years ago beavers built a mound that ended up becoming a small island. That is the place the geese like to put their nest.

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Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susans, (Rudbeckia hirta) There are some nice patches of Black-eyed Susan blooming in the prairie now. Mixed with it in this picture you can see Fleabane and red clover.

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Great Horned Owl Chick

Great Horned Owl, (Bubo virginianus) I found this found this chick sitting on a branch at The Point here a couple years ago. It was too young to fly so it just sat there and stared at me with these … Continue reading

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Lead Plant

Lead Plant, (Amorpha canescens) The main show of flowers and grasses in our prairies is from July through September. But there are still things to see now. For example, if you see a shrubby purple plant blooming on our prairies … Continue reading

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