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Japanese Yellow Iris

Japanese Yellow Iris, (Iris pseudacorus) Herb and Joan planted Iris Japanese Yellow Iris by the Farm Pond soon after they moved here in 1970. The colony has been slowly growing for a few decades but now it has taken off. … Continue reading

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Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern, (Adiantum pedatum) On Saturday between rain showers I hiked below The Point. On the north side of the slope I found some Maidenhair Fern. I’ve always enjoyed their slender ebony-like stalks.

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Orchard Grass Flower

Orchard Grass, (Dactylis glomerata) This morning the flowers of the orchard grass were in fully out. If you brush against them they release a puff of pollen that resembles smoke.

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Leaf Structure

Solomon’s Seal, (Polygonatum biflorum) The beauty of the leaf structure on this Solomon’s Seal caught my eye yesterday. The way the stalk penetrates the leaf is unusual.

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Purple Coneflower Bud

Purple Coneflower, (Echinacea purpurea) Today I found the first Purple Coneflowers of the year. Here is one I photographed as the bud was opening up.

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Wildflower Magazine Article about the PGT

Wildflower Magazine has an article about the PGT by Lorna called “Building Trust”. It can be found on page 32 of their summer 2011 issue. Wildflower Magazine is the magazine of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University … Continue reading

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Wet Spring

Spring Leaf The rain is making it hard to get things done here at the PGT. This month we’ve already had 10-inches of rain; that is twice the monthly normal. Since January we’ve had 26-inches of rain; much more than … Continue reading

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Unknown Sedge Many of the plants that you think are grasses are actually sedges. You can see them along most of the trails at the PGT. Some of them are very attractive. It is hard to tell grasses, sedges and … Continue reading

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Copper Iris

Copper Iris, (Iris fulva) On a walk this morning I found this wild Iris blooming along the edge of Potter’s Lake. Both Copper Iris and Blue Flag are are in full bloom now.

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Should Nature Gardens be Neat?

The WIldflower Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden Lorna and I are visiting other gardens to steal ideas that we can use at the PGT. Last weekend we visited the Chicago Botanic Garden. The wildflower area shown above is very … Continue reading

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