Seeds and Snow

Last week Matt and Duncan burned a patch of the bluff top area that overlooks Hillers Creek. So Henry and I were able to scatter new seed there on a cold, snow-spitting day. (The kind of snow that feels like needles on your eyeballs when you’re driving in an open vehicle.)
Yellow coneflower
(Echinacea paradoxa) was in the mix and should do well on this glade-like, sandstone ridge. We had already scattered seeds in the adjacent area that we call “The Savanna.” This is really all part of the same but is on the more south-facing side. It was covered with St. John’s wort last year. Small cedars were starting to invade again since it has been more than 5 years since Will Marshall cut many cedars off it and removed old fencing—so the burn should help in keeping it open for more flowers.Henry carries bucket to overseed area


About Lorna Domke

Since 1981, I've lived on the land that surrounds, and will eventually be integrated into, the Prairie Garden Trust with my husband, Henry. Our long-term goal is to build on what Henry's parents began and create a nature garden of sorts for others to enjoy. Over the years I've planted prairie, mowed trails, created a website and done whatever I could to enhance what's here. For a few years I served on the board of the Missouri Prairie Foundation. Since I retired from my role as Outreach & Education Division Chief at the Missouri Dept. of Conservation in 2010, I've started to put more time into the PGT. The PGT Nature Garden blog is one result.
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