Hawk at our window

For some reason, a sharp-shinned hawk wanted to get inside today and twice tried to grab

at an outer frame in the window. We have a bird feeder nearby, but this wasn’t a grab for a particular bird. Did it see its reflection? I have no idea. It paused on the deck railing, so Henry used his camera to shoot through the glass. One snap and it was off and gone without a meal. We thought it was a Cooper’s Hawk at first, but now think sharp-shinned is what it was.


About Lorna Domke

Since 1981, I've lived on the land that surrounds, and will eventually be integrated into, the Prairie Garden Trust with my husband, Henry. Our long-term goal is to build on what Henry's parents began and create a nature garden of sorts for others to enjoy. Over the years I've planted prairie, mowed trails, created a website and done whatever I could to enhance what's here. For a few years I served on the board of the Missouri Prairie Foundation. Since I retired from my role as Outreach & Education Division Chief at the Missouri Dept. of Conservation in 2010, I've started to put more time into the PGT. The PGT Nature Garden blog is one result.
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