No Fruits and Nuts

Wild Persimon, Diospyros virginiana

Wild Persimon, Diospyros virginiana

Wild fruits and nuts are hard to find at the PGT this Fall.
Could hail cause a widespread crop failure?
Some of the missing wildlife foods are:
Wild Persimmon (shown in the picture)
Acorns (several species)
Hickory Nuts
Osage Orange balls
Wild Plum
Sweet Gum
Eastern Red Cedar

Lorna and I have been trying to understand the unusual lack of Fall food over the 600-acres here at the Prairie Garden Trust. It was a perfect growing year with plenty of moisture and no late frosts. However, we did have one bad hail storm right when the leaves were popping out in the early Spring. We think that the trees put energy into replacing the damaged leaves instead of making fruit.

It will be interesting to see how this lack of fruit will impact the animals. Many birds and mammals depend on acorns. Because hail storms typically only occur in small areas perhaps the animals can find food on neighboring properties.

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Fall Color

Nymphaea odorata

Nymphaea odorata

Bald Cypress reflecting on the water provides some burnt orange colors to contrast with the greens and purples of the water lily pads. This picture was taken at the Lotus Ponds last weekend.

In general the color in the landscape this Fall has been very disspointing. It’s wierd how some years are fantastic and other ones are a dud. But even on the years with less color there’s always something out there.

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Monarchs on PGT Asters

Monarch butterflies paused on their flight south for a nectar break on our fall-blooming asters. The purple New England Aster stands out in the patches of prairie plants this time of year. But the white upland asters make a great show too. (Or maybe I’m wrong on the name of those white flowers.)


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Sedge Wren

Sedge Wren

Sedge Wren

I was surprised to come across a Sedge Wren today as I was walking the prairie to check on the Oaks we’ve planted. Finding Sedge Wrens is hit-and-miss here. Unlike any other bird I know of they are most abundant in August.

I was happy to see that most of the couple hundred Bur Oaks and Swamp White Oaks are in very good shape. A few of them are taller than I am. Over the next 50-100 years they should begin to become majestic trees.

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River Otters at the PGT!

On our morning hike today Lorna and I stumbled upon three River Otters swimming and feeding in Hillers Creek. This is the first time we’ve seen them here since we moved to the property in 1970.
I wasn’t able to photograph them but I found this picture on Wikipedia.

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Wild Black Raspberries…for the birds?

How do you know when the wild black raspberries are ripe?

wild black raspberries

A short walk at the PGT makes it obvious. I’m not sure which bird(s) perched here, but clearly we’re not the only ones who think the new benches are a great place to pause.

bench for the birds and berries

On the paved trails, coyotes and raccoons left their own evidence in a lot of purple seedy piles. Who knew that animals would find such comfort on concrete? We’ll have to compare with what’s up next: blackberry season!

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New Valley Overlook – Place to Pause

valley overlook bench springI could sit in this spot at the edge of the savanna bluffs at the PGT forever. Listening to the tanager and wood thrush, watching for herons, enjoying whatever flowers or trees happen to be in bloom…. If you walk just 10 minutes or so on the mowed path towards Hillers Creek you’ll come to this new Valley Overlook.

PGT valley overlook front platform



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Henslow’s Sparrow – Boring Bird?

Henslow's Sparrow, Ammodramus henslowii

Henslow’s Sparrow, Ammodramus henslowii

If you aren’t a serious birder you’ll probably find the Henslow’s Sparrow boring. It’s small, drab and it usually hangs out in low clumps of dried grass. Cornell’s website calls them “uncommon and famously inconspicuous.”

The fact that it is uncommon makes it appealing to birders who want to add it to their life list. Last weekend we had a couple that drove up from Texas just to see this bird. The guy said he’d been looking for this bird for 30-years.

Henslow’s Sparrow are steadily declining in number because their grassland habitat is being converted to crop land. The only reason we are lucky enough to have them is that we’ve restored 200-acres of prairie.

I took this photograph this morning. I think we have 4 or 5 nesting pairs of Henslow’s Sparrow on the Prairie Garden Trust property right now.

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Kentucky Warbler

Kentucky Warbler

Kentucky Warbler

This is one of the common warblers that nest at the Prairie Garden Trust. They tend to hide in the underbrush so it’s easier to hear them than it is to see them.

I photographed this one a few days ago at PawPaw Path along Hillers Creek.

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Summer Tanager

Summer Tanager

Summer Tanager

This morning I found this male Summer Tanager hanging out at one of the new viewing areas we’ve built at the Prairie Garden Trust. We call it the Savanna Bluff Overlook.

He allowed me to get very close to get this shot. I’ve seen both the male and female in that area so I suspect they’ve got a nest.

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